Comparison Between Each Model

If the purpose is one of the following, our HP-1001 or HP-1004 model will meet your needs.

  • As a hand held and ground search metal detection products and training for security and law enforcement applications.
  • Have one more tool in your tool box. For example, you can find nails in the wall, in the wood or in the carpet.

If the purpose is for treasure hunting, please choose from our other six models. Please refer to the following Comparison Chart for detailed specifications. One important issue to consider is the length. For example, if you are over 6 feet, our model HP1016 might be short for you. If you buy for a 4 year old kid, our model HP1016 might be too long for him. Here is the mimimum and maximum length for each model.

Model:metal coil to viewmeter/LCD coil to handlemetal detector min-max lengthdetector min-max length
HP-1002 metal detector25.6″ metal detector20.9-29.1″
HP-1005 detector 16.1-28.7″metal detector 23.6-36.6″
HP-1016 detector 22.4-26.8″metal detector 29.5-39.4″
HP-1020 detector26.4-37.4″metal detector 38.6-50.0″
HP-1030 detector28.7-47.2″metal detector 42.9-60.2″
HP-3080 detector 21.2-30.3″metal detector 37.4-46.5″

Comparison Chart


  • For non-motion discrimination, when the detector finds metal target, it will have audio or video indication with the detector stopping above of metal target (without motion).
  • For motion discrimination, when the detector finds metal target, it will have indication. But if user stops the detector above the metal target (without moving it), it will have no indication. In another word, metal detector will have indication with motion.
  • Depth Indication: Indicate how deep the metal is buried.
  • Detection Depth: This is the maximum depth where a US quarter can be found.
    For HP1001, if the coin is buried under 2 inches, HP1001 can’t detect it.  However, if the metal target is larger than a US quarter, it can still be detected even if it is buried deeper than 2 inches.
  • Target Identification Display: means how many kinds of metal can be displayed.
  • Notch simply means give up undesired metal automatically.
  • Variable Notch means user can choose what he doesn’t want and give up selected metal.
  • Discrimination means the metal detector will only beep for some selected metal.
  • Ground track is just a function of tracing detecting target, which is very similar to pinpoint.