American Hawks Basic Metal Detector Junior

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The HP-1002 model has been very popular as a promotional gift. It is very easy to use. Search the area, listen to the sound or watch the indicator lamp.If you would like to try treasure hunting without spending a lot of money (most models start at $80), this is a perfect model. This is also a “unique” toy for kids who want to follow their parents in treasure hunting. Many customers told us their children found some surprising “treasures” using this basic metal detector.Model: Basic (HP-1002) Specifications:

  • Buzzer sounds and LED lights when metal is detected.
  • Sensitivity: > 8 inch (for a US quarter)
  • 6.5 inch waterproof search coil (This is the only model on the market under $50 that comes with a waterproof search coil.)
  • Shaft extends from 23″ to 34.5″, Adjustable stem for comfortable use
  • Sensitivity adjustment control
  • Locates metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, platinum and more
  • Light weight (1.5 lbs) and easy operation
  • Power: one 9V battery (included)

Length From Search Coil to handle: 29.1 inches


Pay attention to last photo in the picture gallery. Search Coil need to be unfolded for testing or usage. Otherwise (in folded position), it will BEEP CONSTANTLY since Search Coil is testing the metal rod/pipe/frame/handle.

1. Adjust the dial switch away from the OFF position till the LED indicator lights and a beep sound is heard.

2. Rotate the dial switch backward slightly till the beep sound just disappears – this is the key point to adjust the metal detector into the most sensitive status.

Suggested Retail : $99.99

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