American Hawks Deep Blue Treasure Hunting Metal Detector

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For the avid beach comber, treasure diver, wader along FL’s treasure coast, or sea diving detector, the HP-1029 model has what you are looking for.

Unlike most underwater detectors, the HP-1029 works great in salt water as well as fresh water, and with a maximum depth of 65 feet, there is almost no treasure out of your grasp.

Lightweight, with comfortable foam grip, this detector is a pleasure to use in or out of the water. The detector takes 1 9v battery (included), which can provide hours of operation time. Pinpointing is a breeze with only the slightest movement needed for positive target results.

  • Motion detection has relatively low requirements on environment.
  • Sensitivity adjustment function enables the detector easily adapted to different environment.
  • Discrimination adjustment function enables the elimination of unwanted metal.
  • Water-proof detector and headset enable the underwater detection

MODEL: Deep Sea (HP-1029)

Below are the Specifications for the High Performance Hand Held Metal Detector:

  • Weight 5lbs
  • Warranty – 1-years
  • Comes with onboard internal waterproof battery pack (1 9V Battery included) new year model one of the most efficient on the market and instruction book
  • Frequency: VF-Search 2.4 kHz, Quartz Crystal Controlled Audio, Target Response 400 Hz
  • Work environment: salt water, fresh water, land
  • Submersible Headphones
  • Can be set to ignore small metal pieces while looking for larger objects
  • Audible alarm and visual red LED flash
  • Aluminum control tube
  • Discrimination capabilities to tune out trash like pull tabs while searching for valuable treasure

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